I’ve Started A Blog!

It’s exactly one month before I land in Egypt, and I have made good on my graduation promise to start a blog. It seemed like the simplest way to keep a large audience of people moderately informed about my doings and so here I am.

The title of this blog, as you may or may not have noticed, includes Arabic transliteration. Fii Masr (or في مصر  in Arabic) simply means “in Egypt,” and an adventure in Egypt is exactly what I think my year will be. Other contenders for a blog title were Walk Like an Egyptian (taken), The Princess of Egypt (except princess would probably not be a word ever used to describe me), Edward Said Is Rolling in His Grave (Only funny to Middle Eastern Studies majors), and Straight from the Camel’s Mouth (a suggestion that I received after making this blog, unfortunately).  Adventure fii masr won out in the end, mostly because it was the best I could think of before I got tired of trying to think of blog names.

With that I will leave you, my as yet non-existant readers. Look forward to upcoming entries about the joys of packing and trip orientations!

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